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Underpaid mantis is a creative team based in Berlin, Germany. It consists of artists Kassiani Goulakou (GR) and Fausto Mujica (MEX) and it was formed in 2019. Both artists are working with image, audio and music while sharing a common interest for new technologies, their impact on society and its creative possibilities.

The team produces commercial and creative content (video, audio, photography, design) for their respective musical projects (Nanuki, LFA), emerging artists (Daniel Vadillo, Geovanni Leon, Cievil Momo, Christina Themeli), small businesses (DanceOnNewy, Kumache Kitchen) and NPOs (Hellenic Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine, SheSaysBerlin).


In 2023, they produce their first short film.

Besides traditional filmmaking, the group experiments with mixed media techniques creating visually unique and engaging material. Whether commercial or artistic, Goulakou and Mujica combine their creativity, expertise and aesthetic values to ensure that each project reach its full potential.

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List of productions

Nanuki feat. LFA - Arché, 2023 / Music Video

Dance On Newy - Timbeando, 2023 / Performance Documentation

Kumache Kitchen, 2023 / Promotional Videos for Social media and Website

Christina Themeli - The Stragner Inside Her, 2023 / Short Film

Nanuki - Dromoi, 2023 / Album Cover, Press Photos

Nanuki feat. LFA - Kentro, 2022 / Single Cover, Music Video

Cievil Momo feat. Nanuki, 2021 / Album Cover & Release Campaign

Steinbeis University, 2020 / Event Documentation

Nina Guo Sings Jennifer Walshe, 2020 / Performance Documentation

Geovanni Leon feat. LFA - Bien, 2020 / Music Video, Release Campaign

Kassiani Goulakou - Achronisms, 2019 / Performance Documentation
Kassiani Goulakou & Christina Themeli, 2019 / Performance Documentation


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