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What We Do

From concept to completed product, we deliver nothing but our best.


We offer...

• cater to all audiences

• are open to possibilities

• are hardworking, forward-thinking and friendly  

• commitment 

• innovative and exciting content

• optimal value

Every project begins with a discussion to understand the purpose, style, and expected outcome.  We are always ready to share our insight on how to best handle tighter budgets and make an offer for what is possible.


The services that we provide can be broken down into three categories: pre-production, production, and post-production. Details can be found in the sections below.


  • Event Documentation 

  •  Product Videos 

  •  Music Videos 

  •  Social Media 

  •  Digital Content

Our team is equipped to organise small-scale film shootings and can develop a concept and script for videos you may need as documentation or promotion. For any materials that are already recorded, we also offer a variety of post-production services so that the video is ready to share. 

If you need on-location shooting outside of Berlin, write to us and we will see what we can do.



  • Video Script

  • Location Scouting

  • Equipment and Crew

  • Budget

  • Shot List

  • Filming Crew

  • Audio and Video Equipment

  • Lights 




  • Editing

  • Color Correction

  • Color Grading



  • Titles/Subtitles

  • Trailer/Snippets

  • Video Compression


  • Event Documentation 

  • Product Videos 

  • Commercials (incl. Sound Design)

  • Digital Content

Is your audio track too noisy? Do you need sound design or original background music for a video? We cover the range of sound composition and production and can also advise on what your product needs to give it a distinct sonic logo.


All tracks are produced and recorded in-house, and can be provided in any format needed.


  • Audio Editing

  • Audio Mixing and 
    Mastering (stereo, 5.1)

  • Sound Design 

  • Original Music for Commercials and Videos

  • Instrumentals

  • Sonic Branding


  • Event Documentation 

  • Product Videos 

  • Commercials (incl. Sound Design)

  • Digital Content

Whether it’s the first track you’ve ever released or the latest of many, our team can fill in anything that’s missing. If you need a horn arrangement or an improvised melodic line on the winds, or someone to help mix and master tracks that you already have, we’re here to get it done.

  • Concept Development for Music

  • Saxophone, flute, trumpet performance

  • Music Composition 

  • Songwriting

  • Song Arrangement

  • Studio Recording

  • Sound Synthesis

  • Mixing (stereo, 5.1)

  • Mastering


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